Litigation Insurance Solutions

Palisade specializes in underwriting litigation risk regardless of jurisdiction, stage of proceeding, complexity of the situation, and whether the insured is a claimant, defendant, or interested third party.

Palisade’s underwriting team has deep litigation expertise and experience and is ideally positioned to structure insurance policies and solutions for both claims in active litigation and legal liabilities. These policies help businesses, asset managers, law firms, and parties on both sides of litigation manage and transfer risks associated with legal processes. Additionally, for prospective insureds with a contingent receivable in the form of a damages award or contingency fees, our policies can be used as collateral to facilitate a monetization of the legal asset through non-recourse financing.

Our Policies
are Designed to

Protect litigation-related assets owned by companies including claims, judgments/awards, and litigation receivables. These types of policies allow the insured to de-risk, access cheaper financing, or hedge against future litigation outcomes that could adversely affect asset valuation or transaction completion and mitigate against collection and duration risks.

Manage Liabilities in Active Litigation: Mitigate and cap the amount of liability a party faces in litigation, whether relating to an existing judgment or award, or prospective liabilities from ongoing litigation. Policies may also cover the costs of the legal proceedings as well as after-the-event (“ATE”) coverage designed to protect against the risk of adverse costs or cost-shifting awards.

Wrap Litigation Related Investments: For law firms, litigation funders, and other businesses that are involved in legal services, establish a floor for recoveries from a pool of litigation-related or attorney fee receivables, litigation funding contracts, and other litigation-related assets, locking in a minimum amount of collections from the pool.

Facilitate Transactions by Limiting Legal Risk: Cover unquantified legal risks (particularly in M&A transactions), whether pre- or post- the filing of claims, including legal exposures relating to products liability claims, employment claims, or other pre-transaction conduct. Policies may also facilitate transactions relating to companies in reorganization or restructuring, by insuring against successor liability or claims by other stakeholders.


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